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The shadows dance as the last of the rays of day filter through the window. A hush descends as fingers are poised over the keyboard. Maybe today is the day! Just maybe. Fingers fly. Clinging to that last shred of hope, the player types the code. Just one more step! Breath held, hand shaking, fina...

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June 25, 2012 at 7:00PM
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We sometimes joke about the impossibility of "winning" an MMO, but in the case of the doomed Star Wars Galaxies sandbox, it's an impending reality. A brand-new dev post today divulges the details of how the Galactic Civil War that's been raging across the game's servers for the last eight-plus...

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BioWare offers us a look into the development and philosophy behind the Trooper class for Star Wars: The Old Republic in their latest Developer Dispatch video. They explore the different looks a Trooper can sport, which is everything from Hoth stormtrooper inspired snow gear to the Rebel forces' r...

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