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While Americans have seen a few driverless cars on the open road, their British counterparts have had to settle for demos on private circuits. They'll get a better glimpse soon, though, as the UK Department for Transport now expects tests on public streets by the end of 2013. The initial trial run...

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July 17, 2013 at 1:22AM
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How does a self-driving car know where it's going? By using a map, of course -- preferably a self-generated one. In yet another video exemplifying breakneck golf-cart-like speeds, the ZMP RoboCar shows us that it doesn't need a driver to know where it's going. At least, not the second time i...

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You may not be able to buy Honda's sci-fi-styled 3R-C electric three-wheeler anytime soon, but it looks like you will be able to get behind the wheel of ZMP's new RoboCar G this year -- if you're a researcher interested in working on next-generation vehicles, that is. According to the company, the ...

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