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Sega and Red Entertainment's Sakura Wars series has enjoyed great popularity in Japan (witness the Sakura Wars Dreamcast system), but despite that success, it's never been localized. It seemed that non-importers would never get to try the long-running strategy RPG series, until NIS America announced...

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September 17, 2009 at 2:15PM
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Nippon Ichi is finally bringing the Sakura Wars series to the US. The cult anime series will be hitting US audiences as a SRPG destined for Wii and PS2. So Long, My Love promises a unique battle system divided into two parts: ground combat and air combat. In the Sakura Wars universe, it appears mec...

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Last week was the week of new releases! Anticipating high holiday sales, many publishers made sure to release their games last week, with a total of fifteen ending up in the top thirty (seven of those being DS titles). With this slew of new releases, though, a lot of games were bumped off the chart ...

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