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It has taken me a few tries to talk about Shadow Priests today, because I've had a difficult time even wrapping my mind around last night's Wrath Beta patch. It was one of those dreaded "balancing" patches, in which everything and everyone is brutally beaten with nerfs to bring their damage in line...

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September 11, 2008 at 6:30PM
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For those who don't play Priests, Shadowfiend is a level 66 spell for Priests that summons a short duration pet to attack a mob. The damage the pet does comes back to the Priest in the form of mana. It's Blizzard's way of giving Priests some form of mana regen in a dps form. Player Xanthin of the Gn...

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This forums thread points out something interesting about player "guardians." Not pets-- guardians like Shadowfiend (which a priest I know called his shadowfriend), the druids' treants, and my shaman's totem elementals. After players wonder why shadowfiends keep breaking shackles, Neth says somethin...

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