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Let me put my capital-b Bias up front and center here: Short races rock. Whether they be Gnomes, Gibberlings, Asura, Hobbits, or Dwarves, if I have the option to play a diminutive character in an MMO, I'll take it. Even my City of Heroes characters jacked down the slider to the shortest possible he...

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July 28, 2013 at 8:00AM
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It would have been easy for ArenaNet to make Guild Wars 2's Asura race just another batch of quirky MMO "shorties," playing into the standard fantasy trope. You know how it goes -- what the little guy lacks in brawn he makes up for in quick wit and charm. Throw in some floppy ears, a mischievous ...

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Last week, we asked the Massively readers whether or not short races are persecuted in MMOs. For some of you, shorties are the cutest, perfectest, most adorablest little gnomeykins in gaming, while for others, the altitudinally challenged are worthy only of a good old fashioned punting. But wheth...

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