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Fishing is the eternal side activity of MMOs, the reason for players to sit about and cast their line over and over in the hopes of receiving something worthwhile. Wizard101 joins the lineup of fantasy games offering a fishing option today with a new patch, although you will be fishing in an approp...

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July 16, 2014 at 2:00PM
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I like gathering in Final Fantasy XIV, but I have plenty of time to do other things while slowly accumulating piles of ore, lumber, and future cloth. One of those things is play Pokémon Y. There's nothing like readying the axe and then slowly wandering around with cute critters whilst I harv...

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So there's a beta going on right now that is really relevant to my interests. Yes, that does mean that there is an unofficial beta roleplaying server, also relevant to my interests. Long-time readers will know both what I'm talking about and why I don't have a whole lot of other things on my mind...

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