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Let's be honest: Shigeru Miyamoto would never post on Joystiq, and if he would, we'd like to think our response would be something wittier than ":(". So while we object to The Slackerz' totally false characterization of us, we are required by Blogger Law to award it webcomic of the week. A very clo...

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August 6, 2008 at 7:00AM
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He doesn't know why, but he chases it anyways. Any questions can be referred to Slackerz, winners (or is it winnerz?) of this week's webcomic wrapup. Second place goes to Penny Arcade (Awesome. Slide. Evar.) while third place is a near tie between Dueling Analogs and Hijinks Ensue. Thanks to everyo...

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Some found it juvenile and immature, but Slackerz writer Scott Smith (who created the comic along with artist Scott Hepting) explained that his winning comic was inspired by actual events and that, yes, scribbling your 'a,' 'r,' and 't' can lead to some naughty results in Brain Age. Despite the obje...

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