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Susan Panico is no longer Sony's North American PlayStation Network Senior Director, a title she's held for the past five years -- basically since the launch of PSN in November 2006. Since then, PSN has garnered more than 77 million users worldwide, introduced PlayStation Plus, and now offers origin...

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January 30, 2012 at 2:30PM
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"It Only Does Everything," says the PS3's ad campaign. But how many users actually know how to take advantage of all of the system's features out of the box? With PS3 increasingly positioning itself as a be-all entertainment device, Sony is forced to confront the XMB's clutter of icons, which may b...

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Publishers looking for a quick buck don't need to focus their efforts solely on the iPhone. Sony's Susan Panico touted the values of PSN development by providing a case study on PixelJunk Eden, Q-Games' third PSN-exclusive title. Panico told the GamesBeat audience that "PixelJunk Eden made its ret...

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