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It's scary to lose memories, especially in the early phases of diseases like Alzheimer's -- you're really losing part of yourself. Thankfully, researchers at UCLA may have found a way to get those memories back. They've conducted experiments suggesting that memories aren't stored in synapses, as e...

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December 29, 2014 at 2:22PM
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Many know that brains are inherently complex things; there are trillions of synapses converting chemical and electrical signals in a human mind. However, did you know that even those synapses are very complex? If not, it should be perfectly clear now. German scientists have used a mix of extremely...

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This isn't the first customizable phone we've laid our eyes on, and we've always been a fan of the concept -- even if the execution sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Apparently there's a small startup residing in Germany called Synapse that will sell you a custom Android 2.2 handset, complete w...

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