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Travels through Azeroth and Outland was a player-penned travelogue through all of World of Warcraft's zones, written from the perspective of a canny Forsaken narrator with a good eye for the local culture (to the extent that places like Hellfire Peninsula could be said to have "local culture"). I...

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August 29, 2012 at 9:00AM
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We return today with the final portion of our interview with Zac, the gifted writer behind Travels through Azeroth and Outland. Today, we've asked about narrative difficulties, the dark parts of Azeroth's development, "fridge horror," and whether player characters are ultimately a good or bad thi...

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I've been pretty vocal in the past about my intense love for Travels through Azeroth and Outland. It's a five-year, player-penned travelogue that takes readers on an expansive journey through every zone in the pre-Cataclysm game. Over the years, it's attracted a lot of attention due to the incred...

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