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Plenty of videos featuring Chuck Norris and Jean Claude have circulated the word, showing off the ability of action heroes to do an amazing leg split. But none of those videos featured the World of Warcraft, or the most physically abused races of Azeroth. TauriMovie's The Epic Split sets that right...

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March 6, 2014 at 6:00PM
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OK, I know what you're expecting with this video. I'll admit that I was expecting the same thing. You release a song called Like a Boss, and people start looking for synergy, bagels, and forever-alone land masses. That is definitely not this video. Starwarspunk got together with Sharm and perf...

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Both Gigi and Summergale are back with their new collaboration, Horde Till I Die. The machinima itself was created by TauriMovies. The song is a Horde-themed anthem, with lots of lyrics and actions about beating up on the Alliance. The video is pretty impressive, and I hope to see TauriMovies ...

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