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Reef Entertainment, UK-based publisher of the upcoming Rambo: The Video Game, has announced that it intends to create a game based on the Terminator franchise, titled Terminators: The Video Game. Reef did not specify a genre, release date, or supported platforms for the game. Really, the company...

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August 25, 2013 at 3:00PM
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It sits there, night after night, just waiting for you to log in so that it can leap out of the darkness and affix itself to your psyche. It's that little nasty bug in your favorite MMO that's been around, well, just about forever. On days that it drives you particularly nuts, you theorize that the...

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As my compadre Eli writes here, there is reasoning available that Fantasy MMOs have flourished due to there being a greater preponderance of Fantasy titles, in various media, upon which to draw inspiration to sustain an MMO. The lack of substantive Science Fiction titles of the time, therefore, lead...

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