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The AbleGamers Foundation, an organization that advocates on behalf of the gaming disability community, has picked Bayonetta 2 as the most accessible mainstream game of 2014, while Always Sometimes Monsters and This War of Mine are the organization's first-ever winners in the new independent game c...

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January 6, 2015 at 10:00PM
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This War of Mine presents a different vision of war than many gamers may be used to, trading QTEs and pew-pew 'splosions for somber reflection and grim analysis of war's collateral damage. And yet, despite its dreary, depressing atmosphere, developer 11 Bit Studios is likely smiling wide at the mom...

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With its teaser trailer, This War of Mine presents a world ensnared in combat, but focuses its lens on the civilians caught in the middle of the brutal conflict. "In war, not everyone is a soldier," the ominous video notes, featuring huddled civilians within a building as uniformed soldiers battle ...

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