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It's a Glider! Sorry, that's as good as the jokes are going to get. Greetings from The Lawbringer,'s weekly look at the intersection between law and the World of Warcraft. I'm a newly minted law school grad acting as your tour guide between bar prep sessions. In the last two weeks, we lo...

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June 7, 2010 at 6:00PM
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Welcome to the Lawbringer, your weekly tour of the intersection between law and Warcraft. I am a third year law student specializing in intellectual property law acting as your crossing guard, trying desperately not to get run over myself. So last week we engaged in some speculation about how ...

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Each week Mark Methenitis contributes Law of the Game on Joystiq ("LGJ"), a column on legal issues as they relate to video games: No, it's not a symptom of the dreaded Swine Flu, but there has been a seeming rise in disputes concerning "tortious interference" in the games industry as of late. Th...

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