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If Volvo has its way, truck accidents could be on the way out. The automaker is working on system for the haulers to help drivers avoid wrecks, aiming to combat low visibility as one of the primary causes of collisions. In order to keep an eye on things, the company is developing tech that continu...

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October 7, 2014 at 9:28PM
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To complement Mitsubishi's existing electric minivan and car, the Minicab MiEV has parked itself here at CEATEC, Chiba, adding a Gasoline-avoiding pick-up truck to the family. Capable of reaching distances up to 110km on a single charge, with the option of a portable battery, the vehicle is set to...

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Our trip to Dolby's San Francisco lab facility was mind-blowingly great, but it turns out that the company is ramping up efforts to let you get behind the "double D" logo. Things have come a long way from optically-encoded film audio and analog tape noise reduction, so Dolby just launched a campai...

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