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Here's a question for you: How much do you really, really have to love a game to pay $8.00 an hour to play it? Considering how much we tend to whine about a flat $15/month fee, I'm guessing the answer is, "Only if it loved me long time." And yet, in 1991 this wasn't considered crazy extortioni...

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November 23, 2010 at 4:00PM
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I'm surprised this hasn't happened yet. In the Dragonlance series of novels, published by Wizards of the Coast (having bought it from TSR), the world of Ansalon is full to bursting with the standard Fantasy tropes: wizards, warriors, monsters, etc. In fact, the first series of books, beginning with ...

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Obsidian Entertainment and dungeon masters the world over can breathe a collective sigh of relief now that the scores for Neverwinter Nights 2 are in. The single player campaign has been well received by the gaming press, and the revamped toolset is expected to afford NWN2 a shelf life comparable t...

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