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"They gave us a mission. They never told us what it was about." So begins the newest trailer for Jagged Alliance Online, gamigo's turn-based tactical RPG that features mercenaries, guns, and plenty of strategy. The trailer begins with your typical action movie setup: Rugged heroes get involved...

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August 12, 2011 at 10:00AM
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As we waited on the conference call for the Atlantica Online developers to start our virtual press tour, a fellow journalist and I chatted about the possibilities of virtual tabletops. I told him about my desire for a real virtual tabletop game, one that would allow players to take turns setting up...

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There are turn-based games, and then there are MMOs. The idea of mixing the two doesn't seem like the greatest of ideas, does it? Turn-based combat would take away from the high-action immersive fighting that we've become accustomed to through our favorite online games. This is most evident in the...

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