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Tweeting about your fun night out with the gang could do much more than just instill FOMO in your followers -- it could help improve your city, too. At least that's what two computer researchers, Vanessa and Enrique Frías-Martínez, from Telefonica University and the University of Mar...

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December 29, 2014 at 11:58PM
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Apparently, Chicago is becoming even more like its Watch Dogs doppelganger than we first thought. Researchers are deploying networked, sensor-equipped lamp posts from this July onward to learn how they could help urban planning and safety. They'll collect environmental data like air quality, noise...

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We've all heard about how connected and self-driving cars from Google, BMW and others are going to change our lives, but how? Audi wants to find out with its Urban Future Award, a four-city, multidisciplinary competition. Each team has a different quest, but all center around the ways that connect...

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