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GameStop jumped the gun in late August by (perhaps mistakenly) putting the unannounced iPhone 5s on its device trade-in page, complete with offers for cash trade and in-store credit. The page was pulled after we first pointed it out, but now that the iPhone 5s is officially official (yeah, I said ...

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September 12, 2013 at 2:30PM
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Physical levels are leaving Final Fantasy XIV. We've all known that for a while, to the point that I even wrote a column speculating, in part, about what will happen to the whole bonus point system once that change goes live. As it turns out, what will happen for the time being is that it will be...

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RPGs in general have always been associated with the idea that abstract qualities can be quantified -- everything from strength and agility to personal charisma and willpower. The concepts have become so tied together that saying something has elements of an RPG usually means "you make numbers go h...

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