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For some of you reading this, you may simply never have known a world before the internet existed by virtue of your age. It's not your fault, but as generational divisions go, this was a biggie. The internet saturates so much of our lives now that it's even difficult for those of us born prior to...

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January 10, 2012 at 7:00PM
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Everybody dreams of an MMO that does everything perfectly, at least for them. Ours would be some kind of deep, communal sandbox cyberpunk affair. Something like "Bladerunner the MMO", with lots of emphasis on character customization ala All Points Bulletin and plenty of motivation for socialization...

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This is intriguing; Dead On Second Life is an artisan project that explores the possibilities of autonomous avatars in Second Life that have been scripted to closely resemble real life famous artisans Franz Kafka, Coco Chanel, and Karl Marx. Their avatars have been made to look somewhat like their r...

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