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There's no official Snapchat app for Windows Phone right now, but don't worry -- Microsoft is offering an equivalent that might do in a pinch. The new WindUp app covers very similar ground, letting you send media and messages that disappear after a set amount of time; you're supposed to "wind up" ...

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August 15, 2014 at 5:08PM
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You know what kids in developing nations need besides water, vaccines, and schools? MP3 players... and laptops, lots of laptops. Meet the Cranko, at least that's what we're calling it since Thanko's "Cranking MP3 Player" bores us to the point of Wal-marting razor blades. The 1GB capacity player fr...

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Trevor Baylis, famed British inventor of the "windup" radio (which runs on cranking power) and all-around bon vivant, has set his sights on a newer form of portable entertainment: the digital media player. Baylis, along with the company Ecodigital, has created a small PMP which never needs to be p...

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