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What is this? A winter celebration in the middle of summer? Guild Wars, you're so crazy! We love you, though. The classic Guild Wars is taking a break from reminding us that it still exists and is quite fun too by throwing an encore of its Wintersday celebration. Wintersday in July began yesterd...

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July 25, 2013 at 4:00PM
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Today's Flameseeker Chronicles is all about the current Guild Wars community: Elements I love, elements I dislike, and some I'm just unsure about. As with any older game community, you've got a wide variety of personalities and playstyles, and seeing how they mesh with the community at large i...

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Here in the UK, the concept of Christmas in July is almost unheard of. Indeed I've only heard about it because, as a journalist, the Christmas in July events are where all the big consumer companies and department stores unveil their Christmas must-have toys and gifts. The whole thing seems much mor...

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