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Following up on a recent Nintendo Direct feature, Nintendo has released a new set of Super Smash Bros. screenshots showcasing Sheik, Yoshi and Zero Suit Samus alongside newly announced Pokemon challengers Greninja and Charizard. Nintendo outlined its plans for online play in Super Smash Bros. ea...

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April 17, 2014 at 2:32PM
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Remember that totally boss Metroid: Other M-style Samus action figure that Figma put into production last year, and how it was only sold in Japan? Well, no longer will you have to go to great personal expense to buy one in a used games store in Akihabara – not that any of us have done that or...

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A double dojo update to round off the week? We'll take it! But you might not be as enthusiastic as we are when it comes to lapping up information on Brawl, so think twice about going past that post break -- there be spoilers in them parts!...

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