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Ever since he was released from prison, legendary hacker (and social engineering expert) Kevin Mitnick has spent much of his time helping companies protect against internet attacks. However, his security consulting work recently entered murky territory. He's now offering the Absolute Zero Day Ex

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September 24, 2014 at 2:39PM
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It didn't manage to do it during the most recent Pwn2Own challenge, but VUPEN Security is now claiming that it has finally managed to hack Google's Chrome browser and crack its so-called \"sandbox.\" According to the firm, the exploit relies on some newly discovered zero day vulnerabilities, work

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Say, Charles -- it's been awhile! But we're pleased as punch to see that you're back to your old ways, poking around within OS X's mainframe just looking for ways to remotely control the system, snag credit card data and download a few interoffice love letters that are carefully stashed 15 folders d

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