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There's a scene in Robocop 2, where our eponymous hero is set-to with an angle grinder and dumped in pieces outside the Detroit Police station. Now replace the cybernetic Alex Murphy with the Lytro Light Field camera and you'll know what was found on the sidewalk opposite from the FCC's concrete b...

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February 9, 2012 at 11:35AM
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In order for the thin to keep getting more anorexic looking, we need those internals to slim down, too. Thankfully, Zoran is looking out for those who know that no HDTV is ever thin enough by introducing two new HDTV processors. Designed for ATSC-tuning digital TVs, the highly integrated SupraHD 775...

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Deets are slim at this moment, but Zoran is prepping a new OEM PMP that's designed to party down with CinemaNow, among other services. With a portable component, short of any fancy haxoring, CinemaNow gets a little more cred, but there's no telling if this will be enough to compete with a market n...

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