If you've got around $7,000 to burn and you just have to take your HDTV with you wherever you go, maybe you should do what ExtremeTech did. Combine a Falcon Fragbox case, the Windows Media Center Edition (WMCE) operating system, a higher end ATI graphics card, an HD tuner card, portable 5.1 speakers, and a sweet 720p DLP projector from Sharp and what do you have? You're the happy owner of a complete HD setup on the go. The claim is that the entire setup can fit into a 36-inch duffel bag.

Each step is documented for you "do it yourselfers," and ExtremeTech also provides detailed specs and ratings on each individual component. In addition, there is some great commentary on why some high-end mainstream components didn't make the cut. Now, if I can just find my old duffel bag, I can get started on this project....

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