Mickey MouseWe know that Mickey Mouse is getting on in age, but this just doesn't make sense to us. Tom's Hardware recently got a backstage tour Disney's Burbank studios with Michael Pusateri. Michael is the VP of Engineering for the Disney - ABC Cable Network. Tom's got to see all of the new technologies in the studio that helps bring us the magic of Disney.

The studio has a new array of LCD monitors in the control room, which sounds awesome. All of the programming is digitized and then sent via satellite feed to broadcasters across the country. Sounds like a digital delight, no? Here's the kicker: all of the original programming is stored on video tapes. If you need archived content, expect a library cart of tapes to arrive at your door. What's next guys, cutting the satellite feed out of the loop and snail-mailing tapes to the broadcasters? Oh, Mickey, please tell us that your not still stuck on Betamax too!


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