HD-DVD vs. Blu-RayI have an uneasy feeling we're going to have at least one HD-DVD and Blu-Ray post a day, at least until one of the products actually hit the retail shelves. In case you live under a rock and have missed these HD media wars, here's the high-level skinny on these phat formats.

Regardless of the name, both formats use a blue laser over today's current red lasers. The color has to do with the wavelength; blue lasers can read more data in smaller spaces. Both formats also boast superior copy protection, which makes Hollywood happy.

Two competing formats for the same type of media makes me unhappy, but at least you're now up to speed. We now return you to the DVD you were watching; or is is DVD+R....or a DVD-RAM...or a DVD+-RW; well, you get the idea.

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray will provide a clear picture if you can read through the blurry format differences. The only thing clear so far: format wars plain hurt the consumer. Competition is great, but lets see competing products with unique functions, not competing formats for the same function!

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