OLN HDWe indicated earlier this month that Comcast was working with the NHL to carry games in HD. Looks like it's a done deal and will coincide with the launch of OLN's new HD channel, aptly named "OLN HD". OLN will carry at least 58 regular season hockey games nationwide, with most games on Mondays and Tuesdays. Watch for the first face-off on October 5th, when OLN broadcasts the Rangers vs. the Flyers.

I'm glad to see another HD channel, but I'm curious about a few things. What happens to the "NHL Center Ice" premium package that some providers used to offer? This package was comprised of numerous PPV (Pay Per View) channels that carried 1,100 hockey games each season. How will local blackout rules apply to the new OLN coverage?

Gee, just when we get hockey back, I get the funny feeling I still won't get to watch the local team, especially in HD. I do receive OLN on my Dish Network feed, but what are the odds that OLN HD will get picked up by a non-Comcast provider?


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