SED TVAll we can say is "Yeah Baby" in our best Austin Powers accent! We've been on the edge of our keyboards waiting to write more about SED televisions and it looks like the wait is almost over. Canon and Toshiba are beginning to produce SED panels this week in the 50-inch size range, which is smaller than this giant man watching aerobics.

Based on what we know so far, the first sets should hit Japan in early 2006 and full mass production comes on-line in 2007. While that sounds like a ways off, we're betting that once a few sets hit the review roundtable, everyone and their brother will be demanding one. Hopefully, they test well and the manufacturers consider increasing output to meet the expected demand. If it helps produce them faster, we're willing to take an internship position overseas, so just say the word Canon and Toshiba! We refuse to do the aerobics, but we'll build some HDTV sets if it gets 'em here faster.