ESPN HD has long been known for its lack of high-def programming. Therefore, what do they do, they launch ESPN2 HD. Great, I thought, I love sports in high definition; you can never have too much. Tonight they are broadcasting a college football game between Oklahoma State and Florida Atlantic in high-def. Later they are rebroadcasting the game for the folks over on the west coast. After this game there were no more programs in high definition on this station. In fact, the DirecTV guide only went to 8:00 pm the following day and then stopped.

I understand that this is a new station, but Cold Pizza occupies at least 1/3 of the airtime and its not in HD! This station has been available to a small test market since January 2005 so can be no excuse.

Come on ESPN, a year and a half ago you stated in Sound and Vision that you were aiming to be the leader in HD sports. So far, I believe that I have watched more sports on TNT HD (via Comcast) and HDNet then I have on ESPN. I know that I cannot be the only one disappointed with this station.

DirecTV, drop ESPN2 HD and give us TNT HD!


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