iPod MovieLet me start off with an "It's not what you think" comment right up front. Of course, Apple never ceases to amaze me, so who knows? With all of the video iPod rumors abounding, it's inevitable that "HDTV" and "iPod" are mentioned in the same breath. We know that with current display technologies, you just can't fit all of the pixels needed to show HDTV programming on too small of a screen. You can, however, carry digital data on a device that small.

Hard drives are leap-frogging over previous capacity constraints. Earlier this year, several manufacturers announced perpendicular recording technologies that could increase storage by a factor of ten. Combine a 100 GB drive with the right video processor and connections and what do you get? You get plenty of music storage and perhaps 10 hours of high-def video content too.

Could we be looking at HDTV in your pocket? You know, you just hook up your iPod to an HD monitor and press Play? Would you buy a device like this and what would you be willing to pay? Or are we trying to extend the iPod too far?


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