UkeleleAs the learned scholar Matt Burns pointed out, you may have unencrypted HDTV programming flowing through your cable lines even as we speak. Wild man Tony Musico decided to record HDBeat readers favorite program, Lost (Dude, that guy Desmond WTF?) with nothing more than his bare hands and a ukulele.  A Pentium 4 PC and HDTV FusionHDTV5 Lite capture card also played a small, rather insignificant, role.  For those of you with HDTV's and no cable box, or maybe those who haven't made the jump yet and just have a PC this is a very viable option. 

Well, viable if you have 8 GB's of hard drive space to store  an hour of HDTV programming and 3.5 hours to convert it to  DVD format, but still, you can't beat the price.  

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