Howard StringerHoward Stringer, the Sony CEO working on a "100 day plan" for the company, just earned a 'C+' grade on the plan so far. Sony announced 10,000 job cuts, or a 6% reduction in its global workforce. Restructuring costs associated with the cuts caused Sony to drop their fiscal year forecast from a $90 million profit to a $90 million loss.

Controlling costs is one way to turn a company around, but if its the only way then it's a short term fix at best. Sony can't afford the trend of losing market share to rivals such as Matsushita, Samsung and Sharp. The new Bravia LCD line is a step in the right direction, but Sony needs to add some truly innovative products and features in both the HDTV and the portable digital media space to regain their crown. If they can do that within the next six months, we'll move Stringer's grade up to a "B."

What do you think Sony needs for a successful turnaround?


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