I can't think of a better program to switch over to the beauty of high-def then Saturday Night Live. We already have sports, dramas, and movies in HD, but not one high quality comedy show. Even better, this will hopefully push Fox's Mad TV to make the transition as well. The show might not be of the same pedigree as it once was, but even still, it is great to watch.

The first episode airs on October 1st and is going to feature one of the funniest guys out there, Steve Carell, who stars in The Office (also in HD) and such funny films as 40-Year Old Virgin and Anchorman.  Man, he is funny. The musical guest happens to be the talented rapper and close, personal friend to the President, Kayne West.

Personally I cannot think of many other shows that I would put on my "must be in HD list." Really, is there anything else that must be in HD?


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