You've got your HDTV and surround-sound system and you've kissed the movie theater goodbye forever, because you can get the same experience at home, right? Wrong. at the iGrid 2005 conference yesterday, several international groups of researchers showed off real time streaming of super high-definition video, which displays 4 times the video information of HD. SHD 4K technology has already been pinpointed by many in Hollywood as the future for cinema, in order to give the biggest jump from film, and show viewers something they can't get at home. This was not just a triumph for SHD, the researchers were also showing off their ability to stream the nearly 6 Gbps SHD stream, by compressing it to (only) a few hundred megabits.

But don't feel completely left out; we'll have this someday too, as professor Larry Smarr notes:

"Theaters and corporations will soon want dedicated fiber circuits, Smarr said. Ultimately, homeowners will too, he said.
"It's a window to the future," Smarr said of the big-screen teleconference. "I don't think it's so crazy to say that people will want a gigabit, fiber connection to their homes. With the popularity of home theaters, and as content becomes available, people are going to want connections with a thousand times the bandwidth of their cable modems.""

There was also something about this being useful for researchers to share information blah blah blah, but I just want to know when I can watch Monday Night Football on it.

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