TowerFighting a rezoning plan for a 730-foot tower, area residents are thrilled that the plan was defeated 2-1 on Tuesday in Jefferson County. Four local networks would share the tower to broadcast their digital signal, but apparently the residents don't like the plan of replacing four independent towers with one shared tower.

The opposition to the plan is comprised of local homeowners groups and the Canyon Area Residents for the Environment (CARE). Now there are no homes within a "fall zone" of the 730-foot tower, so that can't be an issue for now. Apparently, the resident's concerns circle around radiation effects on health, interference in electronic devices and tower failure.

I don't know all of the facts here, but these reasons sound a little far-fetched to me. What do you think: would you give up all possibilities of receiving OTA digital television and just go with cable or satellite? Or would you instead be for the consolidation of the four towers? I think the residents should touch base with this local network president in Alaska.


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