Sharp HD DVROh how I hate watching HDTV in real time. I don't mean watching HD itself; I love that! I just don't have a way to time-shift my HD programming until I get my new Dish 921. That's why I'm thrilled to see that Sharp is adding four new HDTV recorders. These are slated for the Japanese market, so I won't cancel my 921 order just yet, however.

Two models have a single tuner, while two models have dual digital tuners. The two-tuner models, the DV-ARW12 and DV-ARW15 feature a high speed recording and processing procedure that allow recording of two HD shows simultaneously on the single hard drive. Drive sizes range from 160 GB to 500 GB, so these should get anywhere from 14 to 40 hours of high-def content. No word on pricing just yet; how do we get these over here?


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