Angelina JolieSince you tolerated the worst of the worst, we thought we'd share the best of the best. I still wonder how Andy Dick was overlooked on the worst list though. Anyway, the ten best-looking celebrities in high-definition according to TVPredictions are below. Same deal as last time: if you think someone is missing or you disagree with the list, share with the group! I can't believe that Charlize Theron is missing, but that's just me.

10. Angelina Jolie. She has good and bad days, but gosh-darn it she always looks sexy!
9. Nicole Kidman
8. Jessica Simpson
7. Halle Berry. Is she really 37 years old already?
6. Marcia Cross. The only 40-something on the list. Congrats!

5. Ashton Kucher. What shame; he makes this list, while his wife makes the other one.
4. Ben Affleck
3. Anna Kournikova
2. Eva Longoria. I'll bet Teri Hatcher is pissed!

And the best looking celeb in high-def is: Jessica Alba. OK, I can see her on the list, but number one?

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