Well I did it. I took the plunge and forked over a little extra cash each month for Comcast’s HD DVR set-top box from Motorola. I used TIVO in the past and didn't expect that this DVR would come close to the functionality of the most popular recorder. However, so far I'm very pleased with Comcast’s implementation of it. The HD DVR box from Comcast has many of the same features that TIVO has. The most important one for me is that I can set a series record for any station.

This box surprised me by having an HDMI hookup as well; the Comcast installer said that there was no increase in picture quality over the Comcast supplied component cables, but when he left, there was a noticable increase in quality. I guess he needs to read HD Beat, or at least do some training. It was sure worth my $27 that Comcast made me pay to have this guy come out, hook it up, and tell me bad information.

Overall, though, I've been very happy with this HD DVR from Comcast. It's easy to use and the DVR operates just as it is supposed to. I still feel though that Comcast is raping me in fees here and there, but at least I get local stations in high-def.


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