Robert and Maryam ScobleOK, there's nothing more fun that spending someone else's money. Well, maybe except for winning the Powerball, so you never have to worry about money again. We don't have any winning lottery tickets, but we do have a high-profile blogger looking for an HDTV. Are you up to the challenge?

Last week, I mentioned that Robert Scoble and his wife Maryam are thinking about an HDTV purchase. I took a stab at their budget, but I was way high at $7,500. Robert indicated to me that he'd be willing to spend around three-grand. (Hey, maybe they're getting that wood stove too. It gets cold in Washington State!)

So the "budget committee" has spoken: $3,000 is the rough limit and Robert is thinking 50-inch DLP. If you had that budget to work with, what would you get and why? A smaller sized 1080p display? A mid-sized 720p DLP, LCD or PDP? How about a monster-sized RPTV? C'mon: let's spend Robert and Maryam's money and make sure they get the best HDTV set out there!


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