LG has now has a 102-inch plasma that rivals the biggest ever made, but are they selling it? No, but props for matching Samsung's PDP of the same size. Not so fast LG, Samsung is going to start selling their 80-inch plasma. Hah!

Here's the thing though; they want a pretty penny for it. Look at it this way: the TV will cost you $1562.50 an inch. A nice 50-inch Panasonic in comparison is only about $80 an inch. I know you're saying: "I don't like math, so just tell me how much." Fine, here you go: $125,000 and the bookend models aren't included.

I don't know about you but I've purchased some expensive technology before (pre-release RAZR and very nice Velodyne speakers to match an astounding Onkyo receiver) but I am having a hard time justifying a TV that costs more then MY HOUSE.

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