cable card
This is great news. No, really. I love the idea of Cable Cards but the current version just doesn't do enough for me. Cable Cards 2.0 are on track to be in production by 2006 and that’s when the fun will finally start.

Everyone was excited when Cable Cards where first developed because no one likes that big box from cable. Be honest, I know you don't like that extra silver or black box, but I'm sure that you like the features such as the on-screen guide and On Demand. The current Cable Cards give you the same channels, just not the same cool features, but the new ones will. Flat panel owners have been waiting for this for some time now, it's too bad the current generation Cable Card slots will not except this new equipment.

Now, if they can put a little (little in physical size, big in storage) hard drive in the Cable Card so I can record on to it, then take it to a buddy's house and watch my programming over there, (keep in mind it has to be HD), then, and only then, will I be truly happy.


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