Tape MeasureWhen you think of a flat-panel HDTV under 40-inches or so, which do you think of first: LCD or PDP? How about in the super-size range of 50-inches or more? Typically LCDs have focused on the 42- and under size range, while plasmas have expanded beyond. Sure, there are exceptions on both sides of the size range, but this is generally true.

So what else is a differentiator other than size? Seriously, how much bigger can screens get and still fit through your front door? We can't expect much more innovation or expansion in size, so how will LCDs and PDPs tout themselves as "better than the other guy?"

took a peek into the not-so-distant future and sees a few aspects that the flat-panel manufacturers will start to focus on. Backlighting, color gamut, and response time top the list as the next HDTV attributes that will sway consumers to one side or the other. Aside from screen size, what properties do you consider the most important to you in a flat-panel HDTV?


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