Battlefield 2

Back again, up this week for your HDTV (ok, EDTV) viewing pleasure are Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, and Spartan Total Warrior, both for PS2 and Xbox and both running in 480p, but no widescreen. Also check below for a link to 2 high definition trailers for Madden 2006 on the Xbox 360.

Battlefield 2 is already a smash hit on the PC, now console gamers get a shot at Dice's baby. With a deep single player game and up to 24 players online, if war games are your thing this is the current king of the hill.

Spartan Total Warrior is from Sega, and offers a new experience for those of you who may have played through God of War already and need some more mythic double-bladed goodness, and really, who doesn't?


Madden.  One word is all you need because its the only football game in town this year, go to and check out two new high definition trailers from the game. The second one in particular features the Eagles, just like their concept trailer from earlier in the year.  How close do you feel they got to the prerendered trailer we saw during the NFL Draft?

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