Josh GoldmanI'm not usually a name-caller, but "Mr. Akimbo" seems like a good name to call Josh Goldman. After all, Josh is the CEO of the broadband-television program delivery company. Our post earlier today that highlighted Akimbo's integration with Windows Media Center prompted a great response from Josh. In case you missed it, here's an excerpt of what he has to say:

"I'm a huge HD fan myself and have been a big advocate of Akimbo's download model being the best way to deliver HD content today.  And I'll stop being non-committal on the topic... this is a good place to make it known.  Yes, AkimboHD is coming and works right now on current HD-capable MCE devices.  We're showing AkimboHD demos now to some press and partners. We haven't officially "announced" it or launched it simply because we don't want to launch with just a few demo titles.  We're signing HD content deals now so that when AkimboHD launches there will be some good content there. It looks great of course...  You have a standing invite to come see it here in our offices if you're in the area. "

So there you have it straight from the source. Akimbo will support high-def in the very near future! You have to love companies (and CEOs) that follow the blogosphere and add value to posts relating to their business: thanks Josh! Ok, I gotta run and try to get in Akimbo's neighborhood before they revoke that cool invite!


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