Well, it is good.
  • Diana Sawyer is really good looking and Charles Gibson "still looks like the guy next door."
  •  Every shot that is in the studio is in HD; even the citywide shots use an HD camera high up on a skyscraper.
  •  Tony Perkins just admitted that he had to have his makeup airbrushed due to the HD; on the head shots you can tell they did a good job airbrushing.
  •  The Good Morning America weather had "bars" on the side
  •  Carlos Santana was incredible in the digital picture. It is nice to see they didn't fall for the cheesy pretty girl in HD routine.
  •  There are some hiccups in the sound when the show cuts back in from commercial.
  •   BAD TEETH! - Mr. Hartman, the first Good Morning America host
Bill explained HD around the 8:10 mark and they did fine job. I ran to check out the high-def on the non-HD bedroom to see how the picture looked; like non-HD.

Here I was thinking, "great, they are trying to explain HD with gorgeous high definition clips and are saying how nice it is but most people will think that they are receiving HD on their normal set." Then they redeemed themselves by using a white mask and flipping to a higher quality picture that really did do a good job of simulating the difference. Now they are talking about how to receive and they nailed it. HD was just compared to filet-mignon and normal TV as hamburger and you will never go back to the hamburger.

Tony suggested he gets a job at Circuit City...I don't know about that, but it was good

Well the broadcast went off without a hitch. I am thoroughly impressed and am happy to see this day come. ABC is setting a precedent that the other major networks will have to follow. And you know what that means right?


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