Satellite on headUgh, first DIRECTV starts up the MPEG-4 roll out before Dish Network and now they're going to catch-up on the portable DTV market too. Before you panic with the expectation of wearing a satellite dish on your head, I'm thinking that's not what DIRECTV has in mind. Besides, those 18-inch dishes really hurt your neck....please, don't ask.

DIRECTV didn't provide detailed plans yet, but they indicated they would work with multiple partners move their programming to multiple devices other than televisions. Although they didn't come out and say it, part of the plan has to combat the PocketDish that Dish Network offers. We just received our demo of the PocketDish, which is generally a re-badged Archos A700; so "stay tuned" for the HD Beat review.

HDTV aside, do you have a compelling need to carry your satellite programming with you? What would you look for in the "perfect" device to do this?


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