HD Easter Egg from My Name is Earl
That's it, I have to start recording "My Name is Earl" on the high-def Windows Media Center PC we're building. According to HD Beat reader, Greg, last week's episode had yet another HDTV "easter egg"! If you're not sure what we mean, check out our pic and post on the first one.

Easter Egg close upGreg tells us about the hidden HD treat: "In a scene with Beau Bridges as Earl's Dad running for mayor, he's standing in front of a table with multiple campaign signs in the background.  At the far left side of the screen, one of the signs says 'Carl Hickey loves hi def'."

Let's face it, the real platform Carl is running on is: "Widescreen high-definition for everyone!" If you're not watching in high-def, you're missing out on five times the resolution and the laughs. "Earl" has my vote!

Thanks for the eagle-eyed tip, Greg (as well as other HD Beat readers that sent it in as well).


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