PanasonicThe eternal battle over LCDs and plasmas is raging more then ever right now. Panasonic is investing heavily into the latter of the two with their newest manufacturing plant. This $790 million dollar plant (take that LG.Philips) can pump out 125,000 panels a month bringing the total PDP output of Panasonic to 400,000 panels. Damn. That's a lot. They expect that the demand for plasmas to reach 10 million by 2006 and 25 million by 2010.

The key to Panasonic's success in plasmas is that they make almost everything that goes into the TVs. They manufacture the panels and the digital processors and then have them assembled close to their markets around the world. Samsung and LG are bumping up production as well, but only Panasonic is turning a profit in this segment.

Panasonics are just a great TV for the same price as lower quality ones.


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